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These were provided by patients with their consent, knowing that they would be placed in this website.

Longstanding Back Problems

‘I have seen Richard over various spinal issues that cause me a lot of debilitating pain, and lack of mobility.  My GP had basically given up on me, other than regular pain relief which was no longer working.  After some initial scepticism I found Richard’s gentle, non invasive methods actually work extremely well for me.  He is very kind and caring, and I can honestly say he makes a huge difference to my pain levels and gives me my life back.  I would recommend him highly to anyone in any sort of pain.’

Longstanding Back and Neck Problem

‘I am an ex professional dancer and I have suffered with back and neck pain for over 20 years, until I discovered Richard! Having tried so many different treatments in the past, all of which were unsuccessful, I was hopeful that this would be the one that worked….I was right! I don’t know how Richard does what he does but I am finally without pain, something I never thought I would be able to say and I am so grateful.’

Acute Low Back Problem

‘I could hardly get on the couch I was in so much pain. I really didn’t care what he did as long it relieved the pain. Whilst on the couch I could feel heat coming from his hands and a tingling in both my feet. In a strange way where he placed his hands made my back feel better. I was tentative in getting off the couch but realised that it was a lot easier to move. The pain hadn’t vanished altogether but was certainly much easier. I still dont really know what he did.’

Shoulder Pain

‘I’d been suffering from pain in my shoulder for many years and had tried all sorts of different medications to the point of even considering surgery. I must admit I was rather sceptical about seeing Richard but after a few treatments I could feel that the pain was becoming less intense and that the mobility was improving. After 6 more treatments my shoulder was fine. He explained that some of the problem was in my neck causing tension and that some of my ribs were restricted which were all affecting my shoulder.’


‘I’d lost count of the number of headaches my daughter had suffered from. We were quite desperate and had tried quite a number of different alternative therapies. Richard explained that the problem was the result of some difficulties in her birth. After 5 treatments the headaches had gone completely and she was only getting the occasional one. We are delighted with the progress she has made, she’s like a different person altogether, so much more energetic.’

Chronic pain and headaches

‘I feel so fortunate to have found Richard. I was a complicated case, having suffered longstanding conditions such as interrupted sleep patterns, headaches, stiff neck and shoulder pains with increasing problems with hip mobility. I was told by the medical profession that I had fibromyalgia for which there was no cure and to manage the pain with mild anti-depressants. Richard’s approach completely works for me and is very gentle and non-evasive, making my symptoms totally manageable and allowing me to do all the things I struggled with before. I am now able to go to the gym, to swim and undertake long walks. These are things I can now do without experiencing the chronic pains and headaches that such things caused in the past. Whilst I appreciate all these things, being able to sleep, undisturbed for up to seven hours is the most wonderful of all. He has totally turned my life around and has become a very trusted friend.’